HSC - 31

Promote effective communication for and about individuals

Assessed HSC31 examples

HSC31a -

3. you identify different styles and methods of communicating to meet the needs and preferences of individuals and key people.

Different styles and methods of communication may include:
• language differences – needs a simpler vocabulary or interpreter
• hearing difficulties – stand in front of the person and use a lower or higher tone
• visual impairment – you may need to stand at the appropriate distance
• learning difficulties – you may need to use more basic/easier vocabulary
• dementia – you need to speak slower and repeat your words
• physical disability i.e. post-stroke – use a visual book
These need addressing individually and by using the appropriate key people such as:
• family or friends
• interpreters
• social workers


Performance Criteria – Communicate effectively on difficult, complex and sensitive issues.
You need to show that,

1. you select, use and arrange the environment to facilitate effective communication and aid understanding.

Whenever a sensitive or complex conversation is to take place it is important to empathise with the person you are to talk with by trying to imagine what you would feel like in that situation. The setting has to be ‘staged’ so that the person feels comfortable and not intimidated. We should:
• Use a private room where we will not be disturbed, the residents own room or other familiar place.
• Have comfortable chairs facing each other, close enough to be heard and seen by each other but not too close that we impose on them and enter their ‘boundary’.
• Have refreshments available.
• Make sure the room temperature is correct and the chairs are not placed in such a way that the sunshine is in either faces.

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